We're exploring the future role of bioenergy in the UK's energy mix.

How can bioenergy provide a sustainable, long-term contribution to our heat, power and transport systems?

In 2012, the UK Government published its Bioenergy Strategy, setting out its plans and aspirations for the bioenergy sector.

We believe this Strategy needs updating, as technologies, policies and the energy markets have advanced significantly.

As the UK's largest multi-technology renewable energy association, the REA is leading this project, with support and advice from academics, policymakers and industry.

If you have views about bioenergy, we want to hear from you.

According the International Energy Agency, bioenergy is the 'overlooked giant of renewables'.

The Committee on Climate Change says bioenergy could provide up to 15% of the UK's total energy by 2050 (up from about 7% now). It also says it will cost billions of pounds less if bioenergy can reach this full potential.

We're exploring how to make this happen, ensuring the right policies are in place to ensure bioenergy continues to help the UK decarbonise and save energy consumers money.